A roll of turf covers one square metre. The exact dimensions are 162cm length x 62cm width. We stock SpareLawn and charge £3.00 a roll for collected orders of 1-24 rolls. 25 plus rolls collected at £2.75 a roll. Locally grown to high quality by Spearhead Turf. Delivery can arranged at £10 per order regardless of quantity. Delivered price £3 per roll regardless of quantity. Delivery is available within a 25 mile radius. We suggest that customers Contact Us and order turf to guarantee availability.

The Turf We Stock

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Preparing The Ground

Rake the area you wish to turf and ensure it is level, removing any large stones or debris.  It is a good idea to apply Lawn & Turf Dressing to the Top Soil before laying your turf.  This contains a special balance of nutrients to create a thicker and healthier lawn as well as aiding drainage.

Looking After Turf

A newly turfed lawn requires care and attention, particularly in terms of watering. It is essential to ensure that the turfs are able to root into the topsoil quickly. Ideally turf should be laid in the spring or autumn, while the ground is moist and warm.